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So, you're talking to yourself, right?

We all have an internal dialogue. That running monologue inside our heads reveals our thoughts, beliefs, questions, and ideas. This inner voice can bring us up or tear us down. What are you telling yourself and how can you shift that voice to be your own best cheerleader?

  1. Notice your patterns. Would talk like this to your best friend? Now start being your best friend!

  2. Check your self-limiting statements. Statements such as “I can’t handle this!” or “This is really bad.” can be damaging because they mentally limit your possibilities. Instead of saying these limiting statements, try rephrasing the language you use. “How can I handle this?” and “What are the possible outcomes of this?” Open your mind to optimism and solutions.

  3. Keep an eye on your stress level and work on looking at the positive. Enlist help from family and friends to support you!

  4. Finally, keep challenging these thoughts. If you still continue to struggle with negative self-talk, therapy works!

If you’d like to make an appointment to work on your relationship with yourself and your own self-talk, reach out!

Debi Anson

Therapy Matters



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